5 in 1 LED Skin Tightener


Q: Does this device work Worldwide?
Answer: Absolutely. The device is charged using a USB port, which is universal. 

Q: Do you need to wear goggles?
Answer: You do NOT need to wear goggles while using our device. It is completely safe, FDA cleared, and is recommended to use around the eyes area, including the eye lids! If, however, your eyes are extremely sensitive to light, feel free to use them, or some type of sunglasses.

Q: Can this be used for broken capillaries, roasacea, redness on face?
Answer: Yes it can, it does help with that. 
Q: I need to use the red and blue lights, can both be used in one session, or should I use them in different sessions..can this be used more than 3x week?
Answer: Sure you can, its completely safe to use both or even all lights in 1 session. We highly recommend that you follow up with a moisturiser after your sessions. If you have fair or sensitive skin, you may want to separate the sessions. For best results its best to leave some time in between sessions to give your skin healing time and to process collagen. 
Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Answer:  We do have a 30 day money-back guarantee. 
Q: What settings do you use to treat scars from acne? 
Answer: Red and blue light... highest intensity if possible. The key with using this device is to be consistent over time. It is effective but not a quick fix. Be patient.
Q: Can you use it on your arms or stomach?
Answer: Absolutely, you can use it on your stomach (use the Red Led Light for stretch marks) and arms too. 
Q: Does this device help to improve sagging skin and under eye bags?
Answer: It sure does. By increasing your blood circulation and encouraging collagen production in your skin. 
Q: How strong is the frequency on this device?
Answer:Here is the Wavelength information : 

625±3nm red led light 
465±3nm blue light 
525±3nm green light 
Q: Can I use essential oils made for skin with this product?
Answer: Yes, you absolutely can!